2023 - Q2

In the middle of the year 2023, we are completing these tasks:

Roadmap release:

The roadmap defining the path we want to follow been planned and released.


The process of funding the project by engaging in the NFT launching of the Decuple project has been started.

Obtaining corporate license

We take the importance of building trust with our users seriously and constantly try to keep the best level of safety and security for their funds. That's why we are taking the necessary steps to become a licensed corporation. We believe obtaining a legal license is essential in establishing credibility and building long-term relationships with our users.

Setting up full nodes:

We aim to provide a reliable and secure platform for our users. As part of this, we are setting up full nodes to support the network infrastructure. By running our full nodes, we can ensure the integrity of the network and reduce the risk of attacks or downtime. This allows us to offer our users a more reliable and efficient platform while enhancing the crypto ecosystem's security.

Crypto exchange alpha version:

The alpha version of the Faxen crypto exchange will provide a user-friendly interface for trading and various features, including liquidity provision, crypto loans, and fee-free transactions for active stakers. Our goal is to create a reliable and secure platform that users can trust, and we are committed to continuous development and improvement based on user feedback.

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