Bonus Trade Balance

Bonus plans on the Faxen are designed to offer stakers additional incentives to participate in staking on the platform. Specifically, stakers will be eligible to receive a staking bonus as an initial balance, which can be used to start trading on the crypto futures markets. This can potentially allow stakers to earn profits without depositing additional cryptocurrency.

It's important to note that the starting bonus balance cannot be withdrawn. However, any profits earned through trading on the futures markets using this bonus balance are eligible for withdrawal. This means that stakers have the potential to earn additional profits on the platform beyond what they would earn through staking alone.

The bonus plans are designed to be accessible to all users, regardless of the size of their investment. This means even users with smaller investments can participate in the bonus plans and potentially earn additional profits.

To be eligible for the staking bonus, users must be enrolled in the participation plan for a minimum of three months. This helps to ensure that stakers are committed to participating in the platform for the long term and are not just seeking short-term gains.

Overall, the bonus plans on the Faxen are a great way for users to earn additional profits on the platform and to incentivize participation.

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