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Faxen Tokenomics: Fueling the Future of Crypto Trading
This page provides a detailed breakdown of the Faxen tokenomics, outlining the various allocations of the FAX token and how they will be used to fuel the growth and development of the platform. Each portion serves a specific purpose in incentivizing participation and providing value to the Faxen community. Explore the exciting opportunities and programs available through the Faxen tokenomics and see how you can get involved in shaping the future of trading on our platform.
Allocation of the FAX token
Crowd funding
On presale
  • General Development
  • Network Updates
  • Design Team
  • R&D
Within 4 years
  • Marketing
  • Community Outreach
  • Educational Programs
  • Active Market Creation
Within 4 years
  • Competition
  • Airdrop
  • Partners and Brands
  • Staking Rewards
  • Active User Rewards
  • User Case Programs
  • Liquidity
Within 4 years
Please download the token specification for more information about FAX and allocation details.

Private sale

The Private Sale is designated for early adopters who want to get in on the ground floor of our platform. Tokens purchased at this stage will be available at a reduced price. This segment is restricted to a small number of buyers who our staff has screened to ensure that we are working with people who share our vision for the future of finance. Buyers that participate in the Private Sale will be able to contribute to the growth and development of the Faxen platform while also increasing their holdings of the Fax token.


The development portion will be allocated to expanding and enhancing the functionalities of the Faxen platform in the future. This ensures that Faxen will continue to evolve and meet the needs of its users. This will include implementing new features, improving the user experience, and integrating new technologies as they become available. By dedicating a portion of the tokenomics towards development, Faxen can maintain its position as a cutting-edge platform and remain competitive in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.


This portion of the tokenomics is allocated to marketing efforts, which will help promote the Faxen platform and increase its user base. These funds will be paid to the marketing team responsible for managing digital marketing operations, such as social media advertising, influencer partnerships, and other promotional campaigns. By investing in marketing, we aim to increase awareness of the Faxen platform and drive adoption among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders.


This portion will be dedicated to incentivizing active participation and engagement within the Faxen community. The Competition portion will fund various competitions and challenges on the platform, encouraging users to engage in determined activities such as increasing their transaction volume, referring new users to the platform, and more. The most active and successful participants in these competitions will be rewarded with a portion of the Fax token from the Competition portion. This mechanism aims to foster a vibrant and dynamic community within the Faxen ecosystem while promoting healthy competition and growth.


The Airdrop program incentivises users to keep their assets on the Faxen platform. In addition to the standard Airdrop program, we are preparing to launch new projects that will bring various services and opportunities to our users. Users can potentially receive new tokens and benefits from these upcoming projects by participating in the Airdrop program and keeping their assets on Faxen. This program aims to promote long-term engagement with the Faxen platform and build a strong community of active users.

Partners & Brands

This portion is dedicated to collaborating with other projects and brands to increase the utility and adoption of the Fax token. This includes forming strategic partnerships with other platforms and services, as well as creating co-branded initiatives and campaigns. By working with trusted and established brands, we aim to increase the visibility and credibility of the Faxen platform, ultimately driving more users to adopt and use the Fax token. The details of these partnerships and initiatives will be announced on our official social media channels and website.

Community Outreach

Community outreach is an essential aspect of our mission at Faxen. We believe in engaging with our community and providing them with the resources they need to thrive in the world of cryptocurrency. This portion of our tokenomics is dedicated to supporting our community through initiatives such as educational resources, meetups, and other events. We aim to foster a strong community that is informed, engaged, and supportive of our mission.

Educational Programs

This will be dedicated to funding educational initiatives and resources to help promote and educate people about the Faxen platform and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. This may include creating educational materials such as articles, videos, webinars, and other informative content to help users better understand the potential of cryptocurrency and the benefits of using the Faxen platform. Additionally, this portion may also be used to fund educational events and seminars to help spread awareness and knowledge about the platform and the crypto space.

Active Market Creation

This includes multiple programs to incentivize market makers and traders to provide liquidity for the Fax token. One of the critical programs involves reducing the spread of trading Fax paired with major tokens, making it more attractive for users to trade and hold FAX. The portion will be distributed among these liquidity providers and traders, ultimately benefiting the users who participate in trading FAX. Additionally, the programs will promote the growth of the Faxen platform by creating and maintaining active markets and partnering with other projects to increase liquidity and enhance the value of the Fax token.

Staking Rewards

The Staking Rewards portion of the Faxen tokenomics is dedicated to incentivizing users to stake their Decuple NFTs on the platform. This portion is allocated as a reward for the users' participation in various forms, such as staking for a certain period of time, referring new users, and completing tasks in community programs. The Staking Rewards can be claimed by the stakers in the form of Fax tokens, providing an opportunity for users to earn passive income by holding and staking their Decuple NFTs.

Active User Rewards

This is dedicated to incentivizing and rewarding users who are more active on the platform than average. This program offers various incentives based on users' activities, such as making more transactions, inviting more referrals, and participating in community events. The rewards for active users will come from this portion and will be distributed among them, further motivating users to participate actively and engage with the platform.

User Case Program

The User Case Program is a portion of the Faxen tokenomics dedicated to promoting the adoption and use cases of the Fax token. This program incentivises developers, entrepreneurs, and potential partners to create innovative and practical use cases for Fax. The portion will be used to fund and support projects integrating Fax into their platforms and services, ultimately enhancing the overall utility and value of the token for users.

Network Updates

This portion is dedicated to the development and improvement of the Faxen network. It will be used to fund ongoing network maintenance, upgrade and improve network security and functionality, and integrate new features and services to enhance the user experience. This portion will help ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the Faxen network, ultimately benefiting all platform users.


This part is dedicated to ensuring that there is sufficient liquidity on the platform for users to trade token pairs easily. This portion will provide liquidity incentives to market makers and liquidity providers, ultimately benefitting the users by ensuring a healthy and active market for the Fax token. Additionally, this portion may also be used for purchasing and burning tokens, which can help to increase the value of the Fax token over time.

Design Team

This portion of our tokenomics is dedicated to funding the team responsible for the design and user experience of the Faxen platform. This includes designing the website, user interface, logos, and other branding materials. Our goal is to provide users with an intuitive and visually appealing platform that is easy to navigate and use. With this portion, we aim to ensure that our platform is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing to our users.


R&D, or research and development, is a portion of the tokenomics dedicated to the ongoing improvement and innovation of the Faxen platform. This portion will be allocated to research, development, and testing of new features and technologies and upgrades to existing ones. The goal is to ensure that Faxen remains competitive and up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the crypto industry. Ultimately, this portion of the tokenomics will benefit all platform users by providing them with a cutting-edge and constantly improving trading experience.