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Multi Crypto Payment Gateway

The MCPG service, or Multi Crypto Payment Gateway, is a convenient and secure payment solution for e-commerce websites that enables businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. To use this service, the user simply needs to create an account on Faxen and apply for a gateway and an API key.
Once approved, the user will receive a code that can be integrated into their e-commerce website's checkout page. Customers who place an order will be redirected to the Faxen crypto payment gateway, where they can pay using their preferred cryptocurrency. The payment will be automatically processed and transferred to the user's Faxen account, where it can be withdrawn.
Monthly or pay-as-go fees would be associated with this service for the receiver, which can only be paid using FAX tokens. These fees are necessary to cover the costs of processing and maintaining the payment gateway infrastructure, and they are designed to be as competitive as possible.
Overall, the MCPG service offered by Faxen provides a convenient and secure way for businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, helping to expand the reach of their customer base and streamline their payment processing.