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The proposal

As a forward-thinking organization committed to advancing the principles of decentralization, Lenzolab is excited to announce our plans to create a large decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will oversee all our projects. We believe that by involving the community in managerial decisions for all projects, we can help realize the full potential of decentralized systems.
The proposal will be focused on creating a transparent and collaborative approach to project management that empowers stakeholders and ensures that decisions are made in the best interests of the entire community. By leveraging the power of decentralized decision-making, we hope to foster a culture of innovation and inclusivity that will help shape the future of blockchain technology.
As Lenzolab develops this DAO, we will work closely with our community members to ensure their voices are heard and their perspectives are considered at every step. We are committed to transparency, accountability, and open communication. We believe these values will be essential in creating a successful and sustainable DAO that can serve as a model for decentralized organizations worldwide.
We look forward to sharing more details about the proposal in the coming weeks and months. We welcome feedback and input from all community members as we work to build a brighter future for decentralized technology.


The statement implies that Lenzolab is preparing to propose the formation of a big DAO that will rule all Lenzolab projects, allowing the community to engage in managerial decisions for all projects. However, since Faxen will be a regulated corporation, some legal considerations may need to be taken into account before the proposal can be implemented.
To clarify, the legal considerations may refer to compliance with existing regulations or laws that Faxen must adhere to, such as those related to securities, taxes, or anti-money laundering. The proposal may need to outline how these considerations will be addressed to ensure that the DAO is formed compliant and legally sound.
Overall, it is important for Lenzolab to carefully consider any legal implications and include them in the proposal to ensure that the formation of the DAO and any related projects are conducted within the framework of the law and regulatory requirements.