2023 - Q4

At the end of the year 2023, we want to complete these tasks:

Crypto Margin Trading :

As for margin trading, we intend to provide a set of functionalities to enable users to trade with leverage and improve their profits. This functionality will be added after we have finished our initial development milestones and ensured the stability and security of our platform. Users can take advantage of market moves and potentially increase their gains while efficiently controlling their risk using crypto margin trading. We feel that this functionality would be beneficial to our users and will assist us in remaining competitive.

Crypto Future Trading:

We planned to develop a futures trading functionality on the Faxen platform. This will allow users to trade contracts that are settled at a future date, with the possibility of leveraging their trades. Futures trading can be a beneficial instrument for hedging and speculation.

Crypto Option Trading

It will be developed the same as future trading but for options.


This is the official launch of Faxen, which marks the culmination of our hard work and efforts. We are committed to ensuring that the platform is fully functional, secure, and user-friendly before the launch, and we will work tirelessly to meet this goal. Our team is excited about the launch and eager to provide a world-class crypto exchange platform that meets the needs of our users. We look forward to welcoming our users to the platform and delivering a top-notch experience for all.

Start NFT Staking:

At this stage, we will begin our NFT staking program, allowing users to stake their Decuple NFTs and enjoy a wide range of benefits. These benefits include fee-free transactions, bonuses, and other perks. We believe that our NFT staking program will be an excellent way for our users to take advantage of the full range of features that Faxen offers. We are excited to launch this program as part of our commitment to providing the best possible user experience and the most cost-efficient crypto solution.

Referral program:

At this stage, the referral program will be initiated, offering numerous benefits for our users. By participating in the program, users can enjoy various perks such as bonus rewards, special promotions, and other incentives for referring new users to the Faxen platform.

See more details on referral programs here

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